Renae Ackerman and her husband, Dr. William “Bo” Ackerman, first got acquainted with Conditioned Air Systems (CAS) around 20 years ago.

“Frankly, I can’t remember why I first chose them – but, I tell you what, I sure am glad I did,” Renae Ackerman said of CAS, which installed seven HVAC units at the Ackermans’ then brand-new home. “Over the years, they have become almost like extended family for our family. And I would recommend them to anyone that asks.”

In fact, the Ackermans were so pleased with Conditioned Air’s work on their home that Dr. Ackerman ensured that CAS also installed the heating and cooling systems in his opthalmology practice – Advanced Eye Center – in Gainesville.

“We trust them so much,” Renae said. “Their advice is always very well thought out, and they come up with multiple solutions to problems and make sure that you are informed of every option.”

And it is that commitment to customer service that has perhaps made the biggest difference for the Ackermans.

“Commercial or residential, they take care of their clients – they’ve certainly taken care of us,” Renae said. “Of course, they do great work, and you can get whatever you need from them. But the biggest difference for me is the little things.”

“They’re always on time and respectful of your home; they’ll put on shoe covers to make sure they don’t track mud in, and they always make sure their work area is cleaned up. You’d never know they were there. And if we need them after hours or on weekends they have always been quick to respond and get the problem fixed.”

Beyond that, the Ackermans have been impressed with Conditioned Air’s yearly service contracts. And, now that their home is reaching the age where units are starting to be replaced, they have also been pleased with CAS’s work in updating their units.

“There’s been a lot of technology changes in HVAC just since we built our home, and they’ve done a great job explaining about that and making all of our units work well together even after replacing a couple,” Renae said. “They’re not just trying to sell us the highest-priced system. They make sure we have a system that is evolving with us as we evolve. We don’t have a house full of kids anymore, so our HVAC needs have changed, and they understand that.”

It is an understanding that has built a great relationship – one that goes far beyond simple between client and company.

“We have had the same technician working on our house for much of the last 15 years – Shane Evans,” Renae said. “I have his cell number in my phone, and I know I can call him whenever I need him. And he’s great. He even brings his grandson and fishes at the pond on our property. We just love Shane, and we love what CAS has done for us.”