Atlanta during the hot summer - HVAC systems come in handy during the summer heat in Atlanta.

It’s almost that time of year – when Georgia’s capital city earns it nickname: “Hot-lanta.”

Over the coming weeks, sweltering heat and humidity will settle on metro Atlanta like a stifling blanket.

According to, Atlanta’s high temperatures average just a tick under 90 degrees in June (86.4), July (89.1) and August (88.1) – not to mention September (82.2). And that’s just the averages. On July 11th of 2018 Atlanta residents suffered through a 93-degree high with 49 percent humidity – that makes for a heat index (how hot it feels) of almost 103 degrees.

If you do not have an air conditioning system ready to cope with that, you are in for a long, hot summer. In fact, temperatures like that can even prove dangerous, especially for the elderly and very young. 

With that in mind, now is the time to get on top of your HVAC Atlanta options, especially if your cooling unit is already struggling with the fast-rising spring temperatures – or if it is older or has not been serviced in some time.

If you know for a fact that your unit is not working at peak condition – or if you suspect that it may be struggling to adequately cool your home – go ahead and contact a professional for a full-service call. You could also attempt to service the unit on your own, but first you need to determine if it is in need. 

HVAC systems in Atlanta should be serviced at least twice a year to ensure they are working properly. The average air conditioning unit will last 10-15 years – when serviced properly.

So, if your unit is within that range and struggling there are a number of potential issues, including:

  • Thermostat – It could be that your thermostat is not on the right settings for optimum comfort. This is the simplest and easiest correction.
  • Power – There is a chance that the circuit breakers/fuses that control your AC unit or thermostat have been tripped/burned out. Also make sure the compressor switch located next to the unit is in the “on” position.
  • Filter – A dirty, clogged filter can restrict air flow and even cause the coils within the AC to freeze up. Make sure to change your filter at least every 6 months, if not every quarter — more often if you have household pets.
  • Refrigerant – Without refrigerant your system will not be able to reach colder temperatures.
  • Capacitor – The capacitor stores electricity and releases it to help compressor and condenser start up. 
  • Contactor – This is the mechanical relay within the control panel of the AC unit. It must be working in order to send power throughout the unit.
  • AC motor fan – If the motor is not working properly it will not be able to cool your compressor. The fan keeps the compressor from overheating and must be working in order to keep your AC unit running.

And that’s just some of the possible problems. 

If you do not want to go through more detailed and mechanical troubleshooting steps – and we do not recommend anyone without experience attempting to fix it themselves – your next step lies in choosing the right repair company. Take some time to research HVAC companies in your area. Talk with neighbors and friends, and also utilize a Google search, not YELP! Google makes it very difficult to write fake reviews unlike some other applications.

If you’re looking for solutions to any and all of these possible HVAC Atlanta issues know that Conditioned Air Systems has spent three decades helping deliver cooling relief to homes throughout metro Atlanta.

We may be based in Gainesville, but our expertise has helped countless families and businesses throughout the Atlanta area, and our knowledgeable, courteous and NATE-certified technicians will be happy to help shield you from the sweltering heat already descending upon us.

Whoever you contact, or if you fix the problem yourself, it is a good idea to begin the process now. Do not wait until the stress of working under summer heat overloads and knocks out your AC system. Waiting will only mean more stress on you and your family – and the chance for longer delays as other families’ cooling systems succumb to the same weather and calls for relief go out in droves.

Contact Conditioned Air Systems today and get your commercial and residential HVAC prepped for the Atlanta summer: 770-536-7509.