Headshot of Carter

How long have you been at Conditioned Air Systems? What is your role with the company?

I’ve been with Conditioned Air Systems since February 2021, so just a few months really. But it’s been a great few months, and I’ve really enjoyed coming to work here. My role with the company is as an estimator.

What did you do before you joined Conditioned Air Systems? And how did you come to work for Conditioned Air?

After I graduated college, I went to work for Trane as a sales representative. And while it was a great company, and I learned a lot, I just never felt like it was a great fit for me. And then, three years ago, I ended up playing golf with Conditioned Air Systems President Andy Kalinauskas, and he told me all about Conditioned Air and how the company worked and the setup (here). And I knew then that if I ever had the opportunity to get a job at Conditioned Air that I needed to jump on it. Anyway, the job with Conditioned Air did, in fact, come open, and I saw the opportunity and ran with it. I felt this would be a great fit for me, and that has proven to be exactly the case.

What is it about Conditioned Air Systems that makes it the right place for you?

It’s like a family atmosphere here, and we all get along great. I’ve gotten to know so many people – it feels like everyone – and it’s been really fun. It’s not a small company, really, but it feels like it because of the way everyone works to help out everyone else. I’ve gotten to understand so much about the industry. And everyone is happy to help you. It’s really a team atmosphere, and no one looks down on you, because they’ve all been new to the job once too, and they want to help you grow.

In your role, how do you make sure Conditioned Air Systems delivers the comfort and quality your customers expect?

I deliver construction plans and specifications to contractors and make the sure the scope is in line with the scale of the entire project. I talk with general contractors a lot and negotiate prices for contracts. In the end, however, it is all about providing everything that we say we can provide. That’s why I never over-promise about anything and am thorough and honest. We don’t play games with estimates or contracts. And I make sure that I know every inch of each potential job. And if I ever do have a question about a specific project, I know that Andy and (Vice President of Operations/General Manager) Kenny Gee are always available to talk. That way anything that we provide to a contractor I can be sure that I’ve got every inch of research available.

In your short time with Conditioned Air Systems are there any surprises to the job so far?

When it comes to the actual job, I’m seeing a lot of VRF (variable refrigerant flow) jobs coming in. Engineers are really interested in VRF technology at the moment. But other than that, it’s just cool to see how everyone here comes together as a team to attack a project. It really is a team effort here.

Even though it’s been a short time, are there any projects that you’ve worked on that stand out to you?

Yes, actually, just a week ago (in early September), we earned a job in the Dunwoody/Chamblee area on an elementary school. It was one of the bigger jobs I’ve bid on since I’ve been here – $2.6 million – and it was the exact same footprint of three other jobs we had already won and completed. So, we huddled up with everyone and that previous experience allowed us to make the perfect bid, and we landed the job.

What is your background, and what do you like to do for fun?

Well, I’m a golfer. I love it – even when it doesn’t always love me back! There’s a group of us from here (Conditioned Air Systems) that are all in our mid-20s to our early-30s that try to get out and play every Friday at Chicopee Woods. I also have several buddies that have lake homes, so I like to get out on the lake when I can. I also like to play pool – I used to play sports, so I’m still really competitive and like to find things to compete at. As far as my background, I’m actually from Birmingham, but my family moved to Forsyth County when I was five. We eventually moved back to Birmingham when I was in seventh grade, but I already knew this area from that time. So, when I graduated from Auburn, I knew that I’d like to live and work around here. Now, I live in Sandy Springs, so it’s a little bit of a drive to work each day, but it’s not bad.

Is there anything else you want to say?

Yeah, I love watching Auburn football. The guys around here all have different affiliations, and we like to give each other a hard time, so I’m having fun with that.

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