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Check These Before Calling a Heating Contractor

Thanks to recent dips in temperature, there’s no doubt that your home’s or company’s heating system has cranked back to life.

There’s always a little bit of trepidation when that first cold morning hits, and you notice that odd smell of burning dust (that’s normal – more on that later, however), as the furnace turns on for the first time in months.

If you notice anything else, other than warm air pumping from your air ducts, that may be a sign that it is time to call a heating contractor and seek a repair. And now is certainly the time to do so. Wait any longer and you risk serious discomfort, as the temperatures begin to swing lower and lower.

Here is a checklist of possible malfunctions and things to notice as your furnace revives itself – and, more importantly, reasons to contact a heating contractor for help:

  • Strange noises – There are, of course, some sounds created by a furnace, even one in good working order. But there are other sounds that are a warning sign and dead giveaway that it’s time for repair. You will likely know it when you hear it. Pings, pops, rumbles and screeches are not something you want to hear and are signs of a malfunctioning heating system.
  • Strange smells – We mentioned that unmistakable odor produced when the furnace kicks on for the first time in months. You know it as soon as you smell it, a kind of musty, burning smell. And that’s 100 percent normal. It is simply your heating system burning off the dust that has naturally accumulated during warmer months. That is the ONLY smell you should notice, however. Anything else – whether that be gas, burning rubber or plastic – should be taken very seriously. If you smell any of these odors turn your furnace off and immediately contact heating contractors. If you smell natural gas you should not only do that, but also exit your home and contact 911 as soon as you do.
  • Strange sights – Your furnace should show no obvious signs of wear, that includes rust, soot or dirt deposits. Also, check the flame on your burner. It should be blue. If your gas is burning yellow, it could indicate that it’s not getting enough oxygen and is creating carbon monoxide (a life-threatening gas). You should also check your filter, changing it if it is clogged or dirty.
  • Correct temperature – There is a specified “temperature rise” for your furnace, printed on a plate located inside the blower. Test this rise by placing an instant-read thermometer in the register closest to the blower. The reading should be within a degree or two of the manufacturer’s specifications.

If you notice any of these issues, or anything else that is amiss about your HVAC system, do not hesitate to call professionals to come out and assess the problem and get you back to full comfort.

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