Septic Line Repair

Don’t Wait, Call a Professional

If you experience – or even think you may be experiencing – a sewer line leak, septic tank issue or something related do not hesitate, call a professional plumber for help as soon as possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable master plumbers will respond immediately and rid you of a nasty, and potentially, dangerous plumbing concern.
Sewer Line Repair

Sewage Leaks Can Cause Damage Seen and Unseen

Because of what is present in your sewer lines, a leak in these pipes can cause serious damage to your home, business or lawn– as well as make you and your family sick in the process. That is why you should address any sewage leak as quickly as possible. And a professional plumber can not only fix your problem but do so safely and help you avoid contamination.

Septic Tank Repair

How Do You Know It’s a Septic or Sewer Line Leak?

The most telltale sign is the odor. If your sewer line is leaking, you’ll likely smell raw sewage. And we all know how unpleasant that is. But there are other signs, including:

  • Pests – Flies and roaches are particularly attracted to these types of leaks.
  • Wet spots in your flooring – You may notice damp places where the leak is occurring.
  • Patches on your lawn – Since your sewer lines extend through your yard, you may notice green spots where the grass thrives off the fecal matter present in sewage.
Sewer Line Repair

What Causes Sewer Lines to Fail?

There are two main reasons that sewer lines fail: severe clogs and tree roots. A severe clog (usually caused by a mixture of substances, including grease, hair, toilet paper, etc.) will cause a backup and pressure buildup that will create a cracked pipe of backup into your home. Tree roots, meanwhile, can encroach on and rupture the lines in your yard.

Sewer Line Repair

Who’s Responsibility is Sewage Line Repair?

Any sewage leak that does not take place at the public sewer main is the homeowner’s responsibility. In other words, any leak on your property is your responsibility, not your municipality. That is why you should respond to any sewage leak by contacting a professional plumber.

Sewer Line Repair

Don’t Wait, Call Now

If you even suspect you have a sewer leak do not wait, contact a professional immediately. If your sewer lines are backing up into your home, you risk contamination from potentially dangerous bacteria that could be present, including E. coli, which could lead to sickness or worse. The professionals at Conditioned Air Systems will arrive ASAP, assess the problem, fix it, and get you back to normal.
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