Camera Inspection

Locate Even the Most Hidden Leaks

By utilizing technology, CAS plumbers can locate even the most hidden and hard to reach leaks. In certain situations, we use cameras that are attached to flexible cables to find the source of your plumbing problems.
Camera Inspection

Not All Leaks Are Obvious

Think about the maze of pipes running through your basement or crawlspace. They snake all around the room and make all kinds of turns – and those are just the ones you can see. There are so many hidden pipes in your walls and attic and even some running underneath your front and back yard. So, what happens if those impossible to see pipes spring a leak, become clogged, or collapse? And remember, just because you see evidence of water in one spot, does not mean that is where the leak is located.

Camera Inspection

Cameras Offer the Most Accurate Assessment

In situations where the source of a leak is not obvious, Conditioned Air Systems’ Master Plumbers employ tiny cameras that are attached to cables to discover the exact location. This saves both time and the hassle of guesswork and ensures absolute accuracy.

Camera Inspection

Cameras Are the Answer for Sewer Line Problems

Because of the substances involved, finding problems in a sewer line is often the perfect use of camera inspection. This allows for both safety and surety and helps our plumbers to get working on the fix as soon as possible.

Camera Inspection

Getting Technical

Camera inspections are perfect for locating:

  • Clogs and blockages – Cameras go much deeper than snakes and help us find a blockage no matter where it is.
  • Mold – We can identify the source of this dangerous presence without a doubt.
  • Cracked, corroded, or collapsed pipes – Any small leak or compromised pipe is a serious problem, and sometimes the site is hard to locate without visual evidence. Collapsed pipes must be located immediately and may not be easily found without a camera.
  • Root intrusion – Plant roots can force their way into the pipes located in your yard and around your home. Cameras allow us to pinpoint something otherwise impossible to see with the naked eye.

How Do We Utilize Our Camera?

All our expert plumbers have access to camera technology and will utilize it as soon as we make a basic assessment of your plumbing problem – thus saving you time and money in lost water usage.

Camera Inspection

Don’t Wait, Call Now

If you have noticed an unexplained rise in water usage, suspect you have a leak that you cannot locate, or have any type of sewer line concern, call us today and let our plumbers utilize camera inspection to get to the bottom of the problem.
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