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Since 1983, Conditioned Air Systems has grown into a leader in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair in North Georgia. We’ve done so by building our reputation on: superior knowledge of HVAC and what produces optimum comfort at maximum efficiency, peerless customer service and making the customer priority 1 and unparalleled products that produce year after year.
HVAC Brands We Offer

We Work with the Best

We’ve worked hard to maintain all three pillars, and the third requires something extra. Why? Because to become a certified dealer of industry leaders like Carrier, Daikin, Lennox, Trane, and York, an HVAC contractor must prove they are of the highest standards.

That is why our technicians and managers are constantly learning and proving their knowledge of HVAC technology, so that CAS can maintain its certifications – because the best won’t let just anyone sell their products.

That’s great news for our customers, who know Conditioned Air installs the most efficient and highest quality HVAC components available. A reality that means perfect home comfort year-round.

HVAC Brands

What Sets the Brands We Use Apart?

You hear a lot about quality and efficiency from the dozens of HVAC brands on the market. But the brands that Conditioned Air Systems installs not only demand that of themselves, but they also demand it of us. That’s why we must pass rigorous standards to sell and install components and HVAC machines from the five brands we trust. Carrier, Daikin, Lennox, Trane, and York represent both traditional excellence and the innovative edge of the heating and cooling industry.

Because we work with a wide range of top-of-the-line products, we can be flexible, allowing us to find the right set up every time. That flexibility also allows us to be as efficient as possible, a factor that allows you to determine that best HVAC for your budget, as well as your comfort needs. And each brand brings something unique and special to HVAC.

HVAC Brands


One of the HVAC’s most trusted brands for over 120 years, Trane is still working on pushing the limitations of modern HVAC.

HVAC Brands


Founded in 1901, Carrier helped develop modern air conditioning and is still a leader in innovation and comfort in both residential and commercial HVAC.

HVAC Brands


An innovative and environmentally minded company, Daikin offers forward thinking HVAC in a wide variety of fields and includes tried-and-true names such as Amana under their umbrella.

HVAC Brands


Perhaps the oldest continuous name in American HVAC, York remains on the leading edge of home and commercial comfort.

HVAC Brands


Founded over 125 years ago, Lennox is one of the most well-recognized names in the heating and cooling industry.

HVAC Brands

Why These Brands?

Through five decades, Conditioned Air Systems learned the finer details of these brands, and that is why we trust their qualities to our customers. We would not install something in your home or business that we would not install in our own homes and businesses. We also understand the stresses and environments of north Georgia and metro Atlanta, and thus know the requirements of every system that we install – whether it be in a bungalow, mansion, apartment block, school, warehouse, high-rise office building, or beyond.

Through our experience, these brands stand up to those stresses better than any others. They also do so at peak efficiency – returning money to your pocket long-term – and meet whatever environmental standards you require. And because of our 24-hour service options, we will be available to help should anything ever go wrong.

HVAC Brands

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No matter what brand you have or choose to have installed in your home, know that CAS only works with the best.
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