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Founded in 1901, Carrier helped develop modern air conditioning and is still a leader in innovation and comfort in both residential and commercial HVAC. Conditioned Air Systems installs only the finest HVAC brands in the industry, combining our unsurpassed knowledge and experience with our commitment to the customer to yield the absolute gold standard in comfort and efficiency.
Carrier HVAC Systems

Why CAS Installs Carrier

Ever since founder Willis Carrier formulated his Rational Psychometric Formulae to measure comfort and the output needed to attain it, Carrier has been committed to making the best products in residential and commercial heating and air.

That commitment continues to this day with a balance of innovation and quality production – all balanced with sustainability. In fact, Carrier is a very environmentally conscious company as evidenced by the fact that its Monterrey commercial facility became the first industrial facility in the global HVAC industry to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certified. And their “Greenspeed” technology ensures the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) standards – a feature that helps deliver comfort while not draining your energy bill.

Carrier also only chooses to work with the most established and knowledgeable dealers and service experts in the industry. We earned their trust because we know what we’re doing; so you can rely on Carrier products to deliver efficient comfort year after year.

Carrier HVAC Systems

Carrier Pushes Its Products to the Limit

Carrier produces a full range of HVAC products, including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps (including geothermal heat pumps), ductless systems, boilers, variable refrigerant flow systems, and, of course, the latest in integrated controls and thermostats.

Carrier also maintains a commitment to durability so that their products will stand up to the elements. Thanks to extensive research and testing, including against high humidity and temperatures from minus-148° F to 390° F, you can depend on these HVAC components to stand up to a typical north Georgia weather cycle, year after year. 

Carrier also tests its products to the point of failure, allowing them to identify opportunities to improve upon components or designs. And all Carrier components come with a 10-year warranty to help ensure your satisfaction.

Carrier HVAC Systems

Innovations Make a Difference with Carrier

Thanks to its commitment to quality and pushing the limits of technology and efficiency, Carrier products offer innovations that improve both your comfort and your bottom line, while also helping the environment. That includes:

A Wide Range of Residential & Commercial Options

Carrier offers differing levels of technology in each of its residential and commercial heating and cooling options so that you can determine the best options for your budget. It’s air conditioners, furnaces (oil and gas), and heat pumps all come in one of three levels. The Infinity series provides top-of-the-line developments, including technological advances and peak efficiency. Carrier’s Performance series is the next-level in innovation, balanced with efficiency and proven technology. And, last is the Comfort series providing reliability and design advancements for the budget-conscious customer In addition, Carrier offers

Intuitive HVAC

Once installed, Carrier’s Infinity Systems with Greenspeed Intelligence learns your comfort needs and habits and adjusts its use accordingly. That means it uses energy only when most needed. Utilizing next-generation software and Smart Thermostats, this development provides greater comfort and peak energy efficiency. The Infinity System Control also features two-way communication between the major equipment in Carrier’s heating and cooling systems. This ensures that all the components work in unison – which also maximizes energy efficiency.

Geothermal Options

A Carrier geothermal heat pump can tap into the energy in your own backyard. This technology offers savings of up to 70% on annual heating and cooling costs.

Improved Humidity Control

While you may think of comfort as the perfect balance between hot or cold, there is much more to it than that. For example, indoor humidity plays a huge role in determining your comfort. Carrier’s Ideal Humidity System Technology (included with its Infinity Systems) helps regulate the perfect balance of indoor moisture so that you do not suffer from dry skin (too little humidity) or the development of mold or mildew (too much humidity).

Smooth and Quiet Running

Carrier uses technologies like compressor sound blankets and rubber compressor isolation grommets to ensure that your systems will never annoy or distract you.

Air Purification

Another aspect of home comfort is the cleanliness of the air that you breathe – and Carrier offers a wide range of air purifiers (including whole-home MERV 15 filters) and monitors that will help ensure you breathe only the healthiest air.

Carrier HVAC Systems

All That Carrier Has to Offer

There really is a quality Carrier product available for every HVAC consumer. And because it’s Carrier, you can rest easy that it will get the job done every day.

Conditioned Air Systems technicians and employees are always happy to talk with you about what Carrier heating and air products may suit your needs.

Carrier HVAC Systems

Turn to the Experts

Carrier believes that a comfortable home is a happy home. That is why they bring more comfort to the great indoors – no matter what type of home you have. Total comfort, totally happy, for all. Contact us to find total comfort for your home or business.
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