Septic Tank Installation

A New Home

Harry Damons of Jefferson, GA was building a new home. However, the contractor of the home – Stevens & Stevens Construction – was turned down 3 different times by other septic companies to complete septic tank installation for the new homeowner.
Septic Tank Installation

The Right System

This beautiful 5-bedroom home required a septic system that would meet the need of the homeowner while also adding a lift station pump. Due to the flat grade of the land, the lift station was needed to move wastewater from the bottom of the septic tank to the top so the wastewater could flow out of the tank and on to the drain field.

Septic Tank Installation

No Job Too Difficult

Stevens and Stevens Construction who is building this beautiful home was turned down by 3 different companies on this installation. Why? Because the job was simply too complicated. However, working with a company that has both residential and commercial plumbing experience, CAS was able to address the issues presented and install this new system for the homeowner.

Septic Tank Installation

A Perfect Fit

We’re excited to see the home once its complete, but for now the homeowner can rest easy knowing that their septic system was properly installed.

Septic Tank Installation

Don’t Wait, Call Now

Our team of professional plumbers are ready for any job – even septic tank installation.