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Why You Should Prime Your Heating Unit For Winter

In the southeast we tend to think of winter as a fleeting thing. To that end many of us spend our time worried only about our air conditioner’s ability to battle the sweltering temperatures of July and August.

Next thing you know it’s January and you’re wrapped in blankets wondering why your central heating services are unable to get your living room up to “cozy” status.

Your heating and cooling are each part of one big integral system — often referred to as HVAC — and, just like you wouldn’t go a summer without making sure that system is ready to battle sweltering outdoor temperatures, it is imperative that you prepare your central heating services to stave off the chill of winter.

In fact, here are our top 5 reasons as to why you should go ahead and service your heating unit now:

    1. Money — When your central heating services are not running at peak performance they have to work harder in order to heat your house — more work means more power drain and, in turn, more money spent.

    1. Comfort — Maybe you enjoy wrapping up in thick blankets while sipping a steaming mug of cocoa — but that should be because you like it, not because your heater is running poorly and failing to heat your house adequately.

    1. Peace of mind — If your system is not properly maintained and updated it could be set for something worse than inefficiency. In fact, you could find yourself with a complete breakdown in the depths of winter. That eventuality will also cost you more than a simple maintenance call.

    1. Breathe easier — Have you ever wondered why, when the heater comes on for the first time you find yourself suddenly sneezing or battling itchy, watery eyes? It’s because the air filter in your furnace system is suddenly forced to clean large volumes of air, attempting to remove irritating pollens and debris. A maintenance call will ensure your filter is working at peak condition, giving your eyes, nose and throat a break.

    1. Better skin — Heating your home also removes moisture from the air inside, and, if you remove too much moisture, you will find yourself battling, itchy skin, chapped lips and and a dry nose. Yet many central heating services include humidity control functions that will help you avoid those annoyances — but only if they’re properly set and controlled.

If you want to make sure you’re set for a cozy, annoyance-free winter it’s better to go ahead and get you heater serviced now, and the technicians at Conditioned Air Services are ready to help. Call 770-536-7509 to set your appointment today and rest easy that old man winter is shut firmly outside

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