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Choosing an Air Conditioning Installation Service

If you are battling a malfunctioning or (worse) dead air conditioning unit during the heat of a Georgia summer, then you truly understand frustration.

If you find yourself in these situations – or, perhaps, building a new home – you want to find a company that can do the job right, stands behind its work and will provide you with the support necessary to keep your air conditioning unit running strong for the duration.

In short, you want the best in air conditioning installation service, and, no, that does not necessarily mean the most expensive option.

Check out these tips in order to help you find the best fit for your air conditioning installation service needs:

Get the info on multiple companies.

There’s nothing so powerful as word-of-mouth confirmation, so check with your family, friends and co-workers to see who they would recommend. It is also a perfectly good idea to scour the internet in order to learn about companies. Be warned, however, that not all online customer testimonials are the same. Know that you can generally trust Google reviews; that is not always the case for pay sites like Yelp. Also, be sure to identify a number of worthy contractors. This is because it is always a good idea to talk with multiple companies and see how they treat you as a customer. Remember, you’re building a relationship that will, ideally, last for some years, as installation is just one portion of HVAC. In order to keep it running at peak condition, you’ll want a company that is willing and available to fix any problems that could pop up, as well as run consistent maintenance and service updates on your air conditioner.

Make sure they are certified and licensed

There are so many companies and professionals working to get your business that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume. But beyond personality and accessibility, you also want to make sure a potential contractor holds an active state license. In Georgia you may do that by accessing the Secretary of State database here. It is also a good idea to check and see if their technicians are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified – a non-profit, national organization dedicated to ensuring competency in HVAC technology.

Get it in writing, and in person

Do not trust any air conditioning contractor willing to make you an offer over the phone without having first seen your home – or, at least blueprints for a new home if it is not yet built. Professionally-run companies know the only accurate method of determining the right size air conditioning unit for a home is by getting their eyes and hands on the project. Yes, there are formulas you can plug in when you know accurate square footage of a home that will give you a general idea of the size air conditioning installation service required (take your energy bill and divide it by the square footage of livable space in your home – not counting areas like unfinished garages or basements – to calculate how much you are spending to heat or cool each square foot of your home). But, no company worth its salt will give you a quote over the phone. And while you’re getting that quote, make sure you get it written on paper with the company/technician signature in place. That way if you do decide to progress with installation, you have a physical document that can help prevent the sudden addition of any hidden costs.

Make sure your ductwork is also included in pre-installation inspections

It is estimated that 70 percent of homes in the United States have poorly installed/functioning ductwork. Airflow is just as important to proper air conditioning installation service as the condenser unit itself. In fact, according to ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), a 20 percent leakage in an exhaust system can result in a 95 percent increase in fan energy consumption. Sometimes ducts require complete replacement. Other times there are relatively simple corrections that can be made. In fact, there is a new technology now available called Aeroseal that can seal and rehabilitate leaky ducts. Not many air conditioning contractors have access to Aeroseal technology, but those that do can work wonders for old ducts, in the process improving both energy efficiency and air quality.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to have a rewarding and fulfilling experience in replacing that worn-out air conditioning unit. And your new, efficient HVAC system is certain to give you years-worth of comfort and satisfaction of a job well done.

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