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Disinfect the Air in Your Home

In these uncertain times, so many of us have accepted that there are dangers everywhere – including in the very air we breathe.

But what if there was something you could do to assure that the air inside your home was not only refreshing and comforting but also healthy and clean of potential pathogens and harmful chemicals?

Thanks to advances in HVAC technology, we can now offer that opportunity to you.

Conditioned Air Systems has begun to install the latest REME-HALO LED system into HVAC systems around north Georgia. An advancement designed to provide whole-home air purity the REME-HALO is an indoor air quality (IAQ) technology that can cleanse every cubic inch of air it affects – not just by touching the air that moves through your HVAC system but by also actively releasing safe cleansing agents into the air.

From viruses and bacteria, to mold and mildew, to particulates and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) and everything in between, nothing can hide from the REME-HALO, which neutralizes, kills and sweeps these dangers from the air inside your home. And, yes, that includes the novel coronavirus, which is responsible for the global Covid-19 pandemic.


The REME-HALO is effective against all three categories of indoor air pollutants (particulates, microbials and gases) because of a unique design that incorporates three facets of air cleansing technology:

UV-C light

You have likely heard of UV Light, but UV includes a full spectrum of rays, and it has been determined that UV-C is the most effective in destroying airborne pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria.

Hydrogen Peroxide vapor

Yep, the stuff your mom (or dad) used to put on your cuts and scrapes as a kid to clean them out and prevent infection is also perfect for cleansing air when vaporized and released into the air. Just like it did in liquid form on your knee or elbow, vaporized hydrogen peroxide cleanses the air you breathe. In fact, it occurs naturally and is always present in clean outdoor air.


Ions are always in the air. Positively and negatively charged, healthy air requires a balance of both. That is because charged ions can attach themselves to particles in the air – such as viruses but also allergens such as dust and mold – clustering around them and literally dragging them out of the air and onto the ground. Known as bipolar ionization, it is an active process that continuously cleans the air.


The methods described above essentially reproduce a cleansing process that occurs constantly in nature. And that is because the REME-HALO has been meticulously designed to cover all elements of air purification.

Easily installed into any HVAC system, you will never even notice the REME-HALO at work – at least in any disruptive sense. It is as quiet and unobtrusive as any passive air technology, and yet it can make a noticeable difference in your comfort and health.

That is because the HVAC unit pushes air through the REME-HALO’s UV-C light, obliterating any pathogen or pollutant therein.

But that is just one-third of the effort put forth by this stout little workhorse, as it also emits both a hyrdo-peroxide plasma and charged ions into the air – elements that touch every inch of the air within your home, thus taking out any and all irritants or pathogens that they encounter. They do this by either bonding with irritant and dragging it to the ground (ionization) or by neutralizing it in the air (hyrdo-peroxide plasma). The hydro-peroxide plasma is actually produced by the UV light shining on a metal catalyst, which then releases the hydro-peroxide into the air.

And remember, this includes not just dangerous viruses or bacteria, but also annoying and potentially harmful gasses such as the smells emitted by fresh paint or carpet installation – both processes release VOCs into the air, which can present a health threat. This process also cleanses the air of dirt and pollen particles. So, the air that you breathe is not only clean but also pleasant smelling at all times.


The REME-HALO is easily inserted in the supply plenum of your existing air conditioning and heating system air ducts (the plenum is the large box that attaches to your system blower) – no matter what type of central heating and air unit you have.


No. Despite all of its complex design, the REME-HALO is easily maintained. Its UV-C light comes with a 4-and-a-half-year bulb life, while the hydro-peroxide producing catalyst is washable. It’s ionization generator also cleans itself, meaning that you do not need to do any constant monitoring or washing of the REME-HALO unit to keep it working efficiently.


Simply call Conditioned Air Systems today, and we’ll happily connect you with one of our highly-certified and trained technicians to discuss how you and your family can make the most out of this thorough air cleaning system.

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