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Employee Spotlight: Michael Conley

As a longtime employee (technician and supervisor) at Conditioned Air Systems (CAS), Michael Conley has seen plenty of change in the HVAC industry. And yet he’s also seen CAS work hard to maintain the foundations on which the company was built, a sort of anchor in the fast-paced heating and cooling industry. In this question and answer session, Conley reveals what it has been like working for CAS during a momentous time in the HVAC industry.

Question: How long have you worked at Conditioned Air Systems, and what have your work assignments included in that time?

Answer: Almost 20 years. I’ve been on the service side that entire time in different capacities.

Q: How much has the company and even the industry changed in that time?

A: Wow, it’s different for sure – but a lot of things are also still the same. As a company, we’ve doubled in size, as far as employees, in my time here – the volume of customers too. Everything has grown, really. But then how we treat customers has not changed, and the family atmosphere at the company has not changed either.

As far as the heating and cooling overall? That’s why I said, ‘wow,’ the technology in this industry has changed a lot. When I first started, I never figured that I would need a laptop to work on things. Now, that’s a daily occurrence. The whole industry is more more exact now; you have to be exact in your work, or the equipment does not work to the best of its abilities.

Q: As a commercial service supervisor, what do you tell your employees? How do you focus your service objectives?

A: We want to go beyond what the customer expects. We just respond to them and be there for them. We have many customers that ask for particular technicians by name, an d when a customer trusts you like that, that’s a good feeling. We try to do more than most HVAC companies, and we want people to feel like they’re getting the absolute best service that they can trust.

Q: What is it like working for Conditioned Air Systems? What is the atmosphere like inside the company?

A: It feels more like a family looking after each other and watching out for each other. I tell my guys that I’m always there for them. And you find that atmosphere for the company. You can always ask someone who’s been around for a little while, and they’ll have some wisdom for you.

Q: In your time you must have worked on a wide variety of projects. Do any specific projects or jobs stand out and why?

A: No one specific job really stands out; the main thing is we just work on such a wide variety of projects that you’re always learning and facing new challenges. That’s part of the fun of this job.

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