While we’re sure you enjoyed the brief break in your power bill, it’s now time to turn on the heat. However, we know that also can mean more expensive power bills. The team at CAS has put together a few winter energy-saving tips to help you save energy (and money) this winter.


Many of us prefer the cool when we sleep. Turning the thermostat down as much as 15 degrees during your sleep or while your away can significantly reduce your power bill, even as much as 15%! Using a programmable thermostat can make this effort incredibly efficient. Now, some of you will say, “but it takes so much to reheat the home.” Yes, it does take more energy to do so, but if planned effectively, it still can save money in the long run. No matter what, selecting a moderate temperature for your home can also help reduce winter heating costs.


That basement draft dragging down your home temperature? Make sure to seal and eliminate drafts throughout your home. Some simple tips to seal your home from the outside include:

  • Ensure the pull-down hatch to your attic is sealed.
  • Keep the damper on your fireplace closed when not in use.
  • Make sure the areas surrounding all of the pipes that enter and leave your living space are sealed with foam or caulk.
  • Replace cracked caulk around windows and door frames.
  • Use weatherstripping around doors and on the ends of windows if they aren’t completely sealed.


During the winter, there are a number of ways to take advantage of the blinds and curtains in your home. For instance, keeping blinds and curtains closed during the winter can provide insulation. Using heavy curtains can reduce heat loss by as much as 25%. Even buying dual-colored shades can help absorb the winter sun to release heat and reflect the sun in the summer to reduce heat.

However, many forget that opening curtains during the winter can also improve heat. Opening curtains on your south-facing windows during the day can allow the sun to provide natural heat to your home. Then, simply close them at night to retain the heat. It’s a simple trick and can provide energy savings to your wallet.


Make sure to review all of the vents in your home to make sure both the registers and intakes are not blocked. Even cleaning your intakes to ensure they are free of dust can make a huge impact on your HVAC system.


If you haven’t already done so, make sure to schedule a service for your heating system. Replacing filters monthly, or as needed, and ensuring everything is in working order is just one way to ensure your system doesn’t break down.

If you need a new partner for your heating and air, don’t hesitate to contact us at CAS today. Otherwise stay warm and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.