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Survival Guide to Season Changes in Georgia

The 2021 Thanksgiving holiday saw plenty of chill in the air here in northeast Georgia. So that means we should be gearing up for a cold winter, right?

Well…not so fast. Just a week after turkey day we were breaking out our short sleeves again, as we basked in three straight days of 70-plus degree highs.

Welcome to weather in north Georgia and metro Atlanta, where the only guarantee – outside of summer – is that there are no guarantees. And when you live in a relatively unpredictable climate like ours you learn a few things:

    1. Always have a versatile wardrobe

    1. You better have an HVAC system ready to handle anything

Now, Conditioned Air Systems can’t do anything about your closet or clothing choices. But what we can do is supply you with a heating and cooling system that can deftly move from heating to cooling within the range of a few minutes (if necessary), simultaneously keeping you cozy without breaking the bank. And whether you live in Dahlonega, Gainesville of Atlanta, you will be glad of a system and an HVAC contractor that understands the variable nature of our weather and supplies a continuous supply of comfort indoors to combat it.

The numbers themselves show you just how much and how quickly outdoor temperatures can change.

In Atlanta, January sees an average high of 53 degrees, along with a low of 34, along with an average of 5.02 inches of rain. In April that increases to 73 for a high, 51 for a low and 5.38 inches of rain. July, as you can imagine, is pretty steamy with an average high of 89 and a low of 71, with 5.12 inches of rain. Meanwhile, temperatures drop precipitously in November with an average high of 64, 43 for a low and 4.10 inches rain – just a month after the city’s lowest rainfall of average of 3.11 inches in October.

That’s quite a wide range and thrown into there are a whole host of other variables, including droughts, storms, constant deluges and even a little bit of snow – or worse, ice. And the rest of north Georgia is just as wide-ranging.

Gainesville for instance:

January – high: 50 degrees F, low: 31, rain average: 5.17 inches

April – high: 72, low: 47, rain: 3.69

July – high: 87, low: 68, rain: 4.22

November – high: 62, low: 41, rain: 4.34


And Dahlonega averages are also interesting:

January – high: 48 degrees F, low: 27, rain: 7.13 inches

April – high: 69, low: 42, rain: 4.84

July – high: 85, low: 63, rain: 5.20

November – high: 60, low: 36, rain: 5.43


That’s a lot of heating and cooling to get through.

The ideal house temperature for both comfort and efficiency is between 68 to 78 degrees – that means 78 in the summer and 68 in the winter. Thanks to the outdoor weather, your HVAC is going to have to work to achieve those averages.

Meanwhile, the average humidity for much of north Georgia is 68 percent. The Environmental Protection Agency says best humidity rate for a room is between 30-50 percent (never exceeding 60). A properly working HVAC system can help you achieve those numbers without issue, but an older or faulty system can see you leak monthly money as it struggles to keep up with the demands placed on it by north Georgia weather.

However, an updated and energy efficient HVAC system – especially one integrated with a smart thermostat – can help you not only stay comfortable but do so in the most cost-effective way possible. And the good news is that, on most newer heating and cooling systems, smart thermostats, along with apps that let you control your thermostat from your phone – so, pretty much anywhere – are now the standard.

Meanwhile, Conditioned Air Systems installs comfort systems built by tried and trusted industry leaders such as Carrier, Daikin, Lennox, Trane, and York, all of whom manufacture units that integrate seamlessly to keep you warm on a frigid January night or cool on a blistering July day.

We also know where to look in your house to ensure that your system does not work against itself – checking ductwork and potential leaks in your home in general (around doors and windows) in order to make sure that you get the most for your heating and cooling dollar. So, if your system is struggling with all that north Georgia can throw at it – or you’re new to the area and are looking for an HVAC contractor that will ensure your total comfort – please give Conditioned Air Systems a call today and let us put your mind at ease. We are available when you need us at 770-536-7509.

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