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Hot Weather Affects your Plumbing System

Did you know that hot weather can be just as dangerous to your home’s plumbing as cold weather?

Yep, just as severe cold can lead to burst pipes, extreme heat can also damage plumbing around your house. In fact, if your house sits on a slab, it can even lead to damaged pipes underneath the slab itself.

With that in mind, let’s look at how hot weather affects your plumbing system, what you need to know about it, and when to call a plumber for help.

Why summer can damage your plumbing

The reason is simple: Heat. When metal pipes and pipe fittings experience soaring temperatures, they will expand. And if those pipes or fittings are old, they may then fail, leading to leaks and cracks.

So, during extended heat waves, increase your vigilance. Be sure to check your water bills for unexplained usage increases, as it could be a sign of a leak. Also, keep an eye out for low water pressure or visible moisture in places you’ve not seen before.

If you have plumbing that absorbs direct sunlight, it could also break down thanks to UV damage, so wrapping your outdoor pipes in summer to protect them from direct light, is as important as protecting them from cold in winter.

There are also indirect ways in which summer can create problems for your plumbing. For example, during hot, dry spells, you will naturally increase your water usage – whether that be to water your lawn and garden or to take more showers/baths. Either way, aging or compromised systems are susceptible.

There is also the likelihood that you will be home more during the summer, as well as inviting friends and family around more for parties and cookouts. This will also increase your water and sewage usage, so be prepared for increased usage to reveal any weak spots in your plumbing.

There is also a less obvious threat to your plumbing but one that is no less dangerous: Heat can also cause loose soils in the ground, which, in turn, could cause settling for your home. If your home settles and is on a slab, it could lead to burst pipes underneath the slab. Known as slab leaks, these are not easy to detect but can also be fixed fairly simply by a trained and experienced plumber. But it is also something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, as slab leaks often lead to mold in your home – mold that can seriously affect the health of anyone in the home. Also know that a substantial slab leak, if unaddressed, can lead to the collapse of your home’s foundation.

Signs of a slab leak

If you are experiencing any of or a combination of these factors, then you should call a plumber right away and have your home checked for a slab leak.

  • Wet flooring or carpets
  • Mold underneath carpets
  • You hear running water, even when all faucets are off
  • Unusual hot spots on your floor that appear suddenly
  • A slab leak will also lead to low water pressure and higher than normal water bills.

    You should be especially aware if your home is older, as slab leaks occur due to worn out pipes.

    How difficult is it to fix a slab leak?

    Repairs to a slab leak can range wildly, depending on the extent of the damage to the pipes under your home.

    According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of slab leak repair is just over $2,000 – which may sound steep, but it is certainly cheaper than the alternative of repairing a foundation. So, please be sure to take any sign of a slab leak seriously and call a professional plumber right away.

    The same goes for any plumbing leak that may be brought on by the summer heat. While it may not be as notorious as winter weather concerns, this time of year can present a number of concerns to your plumbing.

    Who to call to solve your plumbing concerns?

    Should you find yourself battling leaky pipes this summer, please know that Conditioned Air Systems is here to help with all your plumbing needs. Led by plumbing master John Payne – founder of Payne Plumbing – Conditioned Air is putting the same commitment and mastery it has in HVAC to the plumbing business. And, under Payne’s guidance, we now offer the same full range of expertise, customer service, and flexibility that you have come to expect from Conditioned Air’s HVAC services.

    Payne, a north Georgia native, grew up in the plumbing industry and obtained his unrestricted master plumbing license over 25 years ago. He founded Payne Plumbing shortly thereafter. Thanks to John’s guidance, we will happily tackle any job, no matter the size or situation. And you can expect our plumbers to:

  • Arrive on time
  • Install it or repair it right, the first time
  • Give you a fixed price with no hidden surprises
  • Be friendly and professional
  • Just like our HVAC services, we offer 24/7 and emergency plumbing services to attend to your every need.

    If you find yourself in a plumbing fix like any of the problems listed above or beyond, please contact us right away at 770-536-7509 and let us get your water running the right way again.

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Just like our HVAC services, we offer 24/7 and emergency plumbing services to attend to your every need.
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