In House Fabrication

Our Capabilities Are Your Benefit

While Conditioned Air Systems maintains the family company mindset that we started with in 1983, our growth in size and capabilities means that we can do things other HVAC professionals can’t. That includes the ability to fabricate our own ductwork and HVAC components right here, in-house. CAS leadership determined that, due to the volume and range of our business, it made sense to construct our own machine shop, which allows us to create and shape our own, high-quality HAVC components. It is a feature that allows us to drastically reduce time and shipping fees – and pass those savings on to you.
In House Fabrication

Why is In House Fabrication Important?

Every job that we encounter is unique. And because we pride ourselves on providing the perfect home comfort solutions, we refuse to treat your house as a cookie cutter. In fact, we want to be inch perfect. That’s because the design and installation of any type of HVAC requires precision to ensure peak efficiency. For example, extra ductwork means wasted air and energy consumption.

When you consider that, what better way to approach the situation than being able to create your own components? That way our employees know they’ll get exactly what they need for every job and waste less material in the process.

We also won’t have to wait on suppliers and hope they have stock on hand, streamlining all our installation projects. And, as the old saying goes, time is money. Therefore, we need less time to finish jobs – meaning we can better meet your budgetary requirements.

In House Fabrication

How We Do It

Through innovative technology and as HVAC fabricators, we produce high quality product in bulk, including stainless steel dishwasher duct (regular and polished finishes), 16-gauge welded grease duct and 18-gauge welded galvanized duct.

Our Lockformer-based shop, complete with an Iowa Precision coil-line, Vulcan II plasma cutter, water jet system, and a TDC station, allows us to manufacture more than 900,000 pounds of sheet metal annually. We pride ourselves on operating one of the cleanest, safest and most productive HVAC fabrication and metal shops in Georgia that ultimately lowers costs for CAS customers.

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In House Fabrication

Custom Ductwork for your Home or Office

At Conditioned Air, our focus is creating ideal comfort for your home. Rather than using pre-fab ductwork, CAS will create ducts perfect for your home and needs.
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