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How to keep a commercial HVAC system in order

In today’s business climate you have to be ready for anything, and that includes the actual climate we live in, which seems to be getting less predictable with each passing month.

Whether it’s torrential rains, a polar vortex, or early spring – all of which we have experienced since the start of 2019 – you need to know you can rely on your office heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) to make your employees and customers comfortable, making sure the climate inside is both pleasant and dry.

A malfunctioning commercial HVAC system not only means discomfort, it also leads to a loss in production and the bottom line.

In other words, it is in your best interest to ensure your company HVAC system is properly working.

But how do you do that? How can you tell if your air conditioning or heating is up to snuff?

Here’s a look at four things you can do to make sure your commercial HVAC is in proper running order – beyond simply putting your hands on the vent and feeling for the desired air temperature:

    • Take a look at the unit itself. Are there pools of water or refrigerant anywhere around the unit? Is it making any unusual sounds (banging, grinding, squeaks)?

    • Are there any gaps in your doors or windows? Sometimes your system may be working fine, but your building is actually to blame due to outside air intrusion. This could also cause your heating/cooling unit to work harder and lead to further problems in the HVAC itself.

    • Look at the temperature differential. If it’s 80 degrees outside, set your thermostat for 70 degrees (or lower) and place a thermometer inside one of the air ducts and one inside a return duct. Take note of the reported temperatures and if the difference between the supply and return is less than 14 degrees, it is a sign that perhaps your system requires more refrigerant.

If you suspect your commercial HVAC unit is malfunctioning, past its effectiveness or in need of servicing – or if you are moving into a new or previously-owned building – then let Conditioned Air Systems come take a look at your unit and determine just what your needs are.

Our team of highly-trained technicians have seen and installed it all, from small, single office buildings, to huge, multi-million-dollar facilities.

Whatever your needs we are here and ready to help ensure you and your customers’ comfort. We also offer 24-hour emergency service for all of our customers in order to ensure that you never lose productivity due to a faulty HVAC system.

Conditioned Air Systems only installs state-of-the-art HVAC systems and will work with you to find the one that proves the best fit for your office and budget.

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