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Managing Your HVAC for the Holidays

During the holidays, you will welcome family and friends into your home for holiday joy and merriment. You will revel in the togetherness and renewal of bonds built through years, as you break bread and maybe even exchange a gift or two. It is a moment that so many of us look forward to year-round.

But when you think of these holiday traditions, what springs to mind?

It’s not just the food, fellowship, and gift-wrap. It’s also a feeling of warmth, both figuratively and literally, as you expect every holiday gathering to be held in an atmosphere that is as cozy as possible.

Achieving and maintaining that condition requires more than just happy thoughts, it also requires a fully-functional and reliable HVAC unit – one that will supply just the right amount of heat.

Have you ever been to a holiday party that made you want to climb out of your sweater – but were afraid to because someone might notice the sweat pooling in your undershirt? Or how about a party where you wished you’d brought a full-length down jacket? Conversely, when you’re hosting a house full of folks, you know that the temperature inside should be the last thing you need to concern yourself with. But how many times have you found yourself fiddling with your thermostat or even opening a window to try and regulate the temperature (especially if your oven or stove have been running non-stop in preparation for the party and then your home fills up with the body heat of 20 extra people)?

If you have, you know that holiday parties are about more than people and food – they require the perfect HVAC settings in order to help create the perfect atmosphere. And if your heating and air have struggled in any similar situations, you can be sure that they will do so again right when you need them – creating the exact wrong atmosphere for your holiday party.

What does that mean for you? The good news is that it does not necessarily mean you need a new HVAC system. While a Variable Speed system from Trane can help maintain the same temperature all year round, your HVAC system may need additional maintenance to keep and maintain the correct temperature. Perhaps all you need is a good service call from a trained professional in order to get your HVAC ready for the holidays. It’s amazing what a simple servicing can do to get your heating and air running full bore – operating at a rate that will ensure ultimate comfort no matter how many people you plan to host over the coming days.

But if your system is struggling and is over 10 years old, perhaps it is time to consider a new Christmas present for yourself in the shape of a new HVAC unit.

Yes, it is an investment – but it is one that will pay itself back through years of comfort and savings in utility bills. In fact, the latest developments in heating and air technology ensure both the most intelligent and efficient use of energy possible, all while providing the exact temperature that you seek.

For example, Conditioned Air Systems installs and trusts some of the most well-known names in the HVAC industry, and brands such as Carrier, Daikin, Lennox, Trane, and York not only deliver quality air year after year but do so with an intelligence that makes your life easier and provides savings.

Modern, smart thermostats allow you to select a temperature that you desire in multiple zones within your house that are then modulated and maintained according to outdoor temperatures. This eliminates a lot of wasted work time for your HVAC system, meaning less electricity usage.

Smart technology can also detect when there are more people in your home, what rooms they are using and adjust the temperature in those rooms accordingly. How’s that for setting the perfect atmosphere for your next holiday gathering?

And other advancements, such as air purification – including UV, LED, and ozone technology – will help ensure that the air that you and your friends breathe during the party is both as clean and safe as possible. In fact, these technologies can capture and kill all manner of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses (including those that cause COVID-19).

Other efficiency developments, such as multi-stage air handlers — which ensure that your entire heating system does not have to crank into gear every time you need warm air – will improve your efficiency by leaps and bounds over older systems.

Modern HVAC systems not only help you preserve capital – which could mean a better bottom line at the start of every New Year – but also ensure that everyone looks forward to your holiday parties with the anticipation that this time of year deserves.

So, if you’re wondering about your heating and air system and capacity to provide a happy holiday season, consider giving Conditioned Air Systems a call. We’re here to help you celebrate the way you should. Contact us today at 770-536-7509 and let us get on top of your HVAC concerns.

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