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The Benefits of Installing a New Heat Pump

With the weather turning cooler, perhaps your mind has turned to that old, struggling furnace in your basement. You know, that piece of HVAC equipment that not only failed to adequately heat your entire home last winter but also cost you a disproportionate amount of money to the amount of comfort it provided.

To that problem, we offer a solution: heat pump installation.

A brand-new heat pump not only offers reliable total home warmth, but it also pays you back in the amount of money it saves via its energy efficiency.

It is true that many heat pumps – which utilize “air-to-air” technology – decrease in efficiency as the outside air gets cooler. Yet a heat pump can still provide the perfect solution to colder weather comfort in Georgia, where we don’t experience long bouts of freezing temperatures. And during the summer, which is often more extreme than our state’s typically mild winter, a heat pump can even help pump warm air out of your home, increasing the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. This double duty will help lower the total cost you spend on air conditioning maintenance.

Heat pumps cover a wide range of options and therefore span a wide range of costs, typically running between $2,000 and $8,000, including installation. Of course, the size of your home and your individual needs will do much to determine the price of the unit. The more energy efficient the unit is – and heat pumps are extraordinarily energy efficient – the more it will cost. Because of this factor, many heat pumps are actually more expensive to install than furnaces. However, they will also pay for themselves many times over during their lifespan.

Why are heat pumps so much more energy efficient than other types of heating options?

Answer: It is because they do not require much electricity to utilize.

The heat pump is so called because, as mentioned before, it actually circulates warm air either into or out of your home. The circulation of this air only necessitates a small amount of energy as compared with furnaces. In fact, a heat pump can generate up to three kilowatts of heat for every one kilowatt of electricity used.

How does it work?

Answer: An “air-to-air” style of heat pump, which is the most common type of heat pump, actually circulates hot or cold air across refrigerant lines in order to either absorb or release heat into your home.

What other benefits would a heat pump installation provide?

Answer: Amongst others, you have the advantage of more consistent comfort.

With many other heating systems, the immediate blasts of hot or cold air experienced can make for hot or cold spots in your home. Whereas, with a heat pump, you have a consistent flow of air designed to keep your home at your optimum temperature.

It also noteworthy that technological developments in heat pumps are continuously making them better able to deal with colder outdoor temperatures. For example, new ductless pumps can operate in extremely cold temperatures – as extreme as minus-22 degrees Fahrenheit. (And when was the last time it got down to minus-22 in Georgia?)

Another advantage: Heat pumps last for a very long time.

It is not unusual for a properly maintained heat pump system to run effectively for 20-25 years, providing incredible value for your initial purchase.

Other noteworthy facets of heat pump installation.

A heat pump is not like a typical furnace in that the unit is actually put in place outside of your home. It is then connected to either an existing furnace unit, air handler or electric baseboard system.

If what you have read makes you interested in in heat pump installation for your home – or your old furnace is on its last legs – or you’re tired of paying high energy bills, please contact Conditioned Air Systems today to talk about the wide range of options we have to meet your needs.

Our technicians and installation experts understand the latest trends in heat pump technology and will gladly come to your home and help you determine what might work best for your comfort needs.

We are available when you need us, simply call us at 770-536-7509 today.

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