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Why You Need A Generator Even For South Winters

You may not think of winter as a major weather hazard in the southeast. And, while it is true that winters in this corner of the nation are generally mild, I would remind you of one word: Ice.

We may not measure our snowfalls in feet, and, yes, those in the northeast chuckle at our expense when we panic over the least little flurry. BUT if you have lived through a southeastern ice storm, you know that they are absolutely nothing to sneer at.

Ice represents a major driving hazard (four-wheel drive or not) and fells trees by the hundreds. In turn, those snapping trunks and branches collapse on power lines, cutting the electrical flow to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of households each winter.

And it is those times, sitting in the dark and cold, when you mutter to yourself — why didn’t I look into generator installation this fall?

A generator will allow you to stay warm, cozy and connected to the world no matter how many power grids fail or how long it takes the power company to clear downed trees and replace broken poles and lines.

Just last January (2018) a major winter weather system swept the southeast and deposited both enough snow and ice to knock out power for days — even weeks — in some locales.

Anyone can deal with a brief interruption, but when ice grips the southeast we often find ourselves scrambling for cooking alternatives and going without what — until then — we did not realize were impressive luxuries, such as hot showers and cozy housing.

The good news is that generator installation turns all of those worries and discomforts — which can get downright frightening in some cases — into a thing of the past. And finding the right generator for your household is not a difficult or painstaking process if you know the right company.

Conditioned Air Systems will evaluate your household and provide generator installation that will keep your house’s electricity humming and give you peace of mind no matter how much ice — and power interruptions — this winter may throw our way.

Don’t be left in the dark, cold depths of winter call 770-536-7509 today and get your generator installation service under way today.

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