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Why you need custom metal fabrication for ductwork

When you are in need of an HVAC contractor, it is almost certain you’ll pay attention to things such as the brands of HVAC they install, the way they treat you (the customer) and their qualifications to do the job (such as experience, training, certifications, etc.).

But how much do you think about ductwork?

We’re guessing the answer is somewhere along the lines of, “rarely, if at all.” And if that’s the case, then you need to change your thinking, because ductwork is just as important to HVAC as an air conditioner or furnace. And it is something you should be sure to ask any prospective HVAC contractor about – specifically: “How do you guarantee the exact right fit of the ductwork you install?”

Without properly sized and installed air ducts, it does not matter how much comfortable, efficient air your AC and heating units produce, you’ll always experience problems in reaching maximum comfort at the best price for your wallet. Therefore, it is imperative that, when you canvas any HVAC contractor, you ensure that they take their ductwork installation as seriously as the air conditioners, furnaces or heat pumps that they install.

To that end, the contractor that is able to produce their own ductwork will have the ability to install inch-perfect ducts that deliver the perfect amount of air at the best cost to the home or business owner.

Why is this?

Well, the answer is threefold really.

Being able to fabricate sheet metal in-house allows a contractor to:

Save Time

While, yes, many homes are similar in size and shape, there are unique aspects of every building – no matter the age of the structure. So, in order to install new ductwork or properly repair portions of ductwork that is already in place, a contractor must be able to be flexible. And it is harder to be flexible when working with a pre-made section of airduct that must then be cut to exactly fit the specifications of a structure. Whereas a contractor that is able to take measurements and then fabricate their own sheet metal to the perfect size can save untold hours in labor. This also goes for new construction, as new buildings require custom-design ductwork. And while a contractor may order ducts to those specifications, they run the risk of delays in off-site production and shipping – something that has only become pronounced during recent shipping delays experienced during the global COVID-19 pandemic. But that is just one reason why it is a great asset to be able to craft and cut ductwork firsthand, cutting out the middleman.

Be Perfectly Accurate

When it comes to air ducts it pays to be exact. That is because delivering the perfect temperature and comfort to your home or business requires just the right amount of air pressure. If your ducts are too big or too small, they will not be able to maintain proper air pressure. And if that is the case, you will end up paying more in utility bills. That is because ducts that are too big require more air than is necessary to adequately heat/cool a building – meaning that your air conditioner or furnace/heat pump will have to work harder to maintain proper air pressure. Meanwhile, ducts that are too small cannot provide enough air flow to keep a room/building comfortable. Once again, this means your AC or heater will have to work harder than is necessary to maintain comfort.

The aim of every HVAC contractor is energy efficiency. And perfectly sized ducts help provide that by supplying just the right amount of air. This allows your air conditioner or heater to only work as hard as necessary to reach a comfort level. Rooms will then cool and/or heat faster, and you won’t feel major temperature differences when moving from one part of the room to another. Custom-made ducts are also free of cracks, holes and other imperfections that cause air leaks. And greater energy efficiency means more comfort because you don’t need to get up and readjust the thermostat constantly. Properly measured, cut and installed ducts help the average homeowner to save hundreds of dollars a year.

Provide Better Customer Service

Because those HVAC companies that manufacture their own ducts do not have to wait on anyone else, they can finish jobs quicker. Custom-fitted ducts also provide hyper accurate fittings and cut down on the odds of punctures or leaks developing in a system – which then have to be repaired, requiring more investment. These two factors alone allow HVAC contractors that produce their own ducts to give their customers better satisfaction.

These factors reflect a company’s level of customer service in positive ways. For instance, providing a major repair of ductwork via same-day service – because the contractor can cut and fit the perfect piece of duct with lightning speed, it allows you, the customer, to get back to comfort as soon as possible. And what better customer service is there than a job done right and at speed.

So, if you are in need of duct repair or are considering updating or building new HVAC systems, it would be wise to talk to a contractor that is able to cover EVERY angle of HVAC installation. For while we may not always consider ducts, those that do have a major leg up on the competition.

Conditioned Air Systems has custom designed and fitted air ducts in north Georgia for years, and our highly trained and experienced technicians can handle any size job with both speed and precision. Our NATE-certified technicians work hand-in-hand with our fabricators to produce the perfect, high-quality fit that will save you both time and money.

Call Conditioned Air Systems to learn more about our custom-made ductwork and our commitment to full HVAC system installation: 770-536-7509.

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