Duluth HVAC Services

Duluth offers some unique challenges for HVAC installation and repair work.

Home to some of the older structures and residences in Gwinnett County, Duluth is also the site of numerous brand-new constructions – homes, businesses, churches, and public facilities.

While newer structures require work from the ground up and a full knowledge of emerging and cutting-edge heating and cooling technologies, older structures require insight into older HVAC systems and an understanding of how air might be retained or lost through different building materials.

Conditioned Air Systems has a thorough understanding of both the old and the new. And our commitment to customer service means that we will work to find the HVAC system that will work best for you, no matter your circumstance.

CAS ensures that its technicians receive consistent training and updates in order to stay out in front of a rapidly developing and changing industry. Meanwhile, we also retain the extensive experience and knowledge that we have built in HVAC installation and repair since we began operation in 1983.

Therefore, we can service and repair any type of heating and cooling system, no matter the brand or age. That also goes for ductwork, including new Aeroseal technology, which allows us to efficiently seal leaky ducts and return full efficiency to your entire HVAC system.

We can also install and maintain any type of residential or commercial (or otherwise) HVAC system, as well as provide premier plumbing services – whether that require a regulation condenser and thermostat, up to larger variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems that can regulate even the largest and most diverse buildings in an instant. Maybe it’s a leaky faucet or sink, low water pressure, a clogged drain, or anything else, Conditioned Air is ready to help you get back to comfort.

To learn more about our capabilities please contact us today. Call 770‐536‐7509 to let us put together an estimate or quote for your project or for immediate repair needs call 770‐534‐5121.

“For the past three years I have worked with Conditioned Air Systems. The management team is very strong and quick to help Choate Construction. Their field personnel have always been very professional and willing to cooperate with our contractors. The maintenance and warranty staff make our lives much easier and we are very satisfied with Conditioned Air Systems.”


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