At Conditioned Air Systems, it is our job to take care of your home’s heating and air conditioner system as if it were our own. Conditioned Air Systems, also known as CAS, has been THE local HVAC company serving north Georgia since its inception in 1983. To make your home as comfortable and efficient as it can be, our company offers competitive pricing and reliable 24-hour air conditioning and hvac installation, repair, service and technical support to provide quality assurance for any system we install. Our customers tell us that the service is so good they forget who to call, because they’ve never had to call anyone else! Why would they choose anyone else?

We are committed to providing builders and new homeowners with the most efficient heating and cooling technological advantages as well as the kind of worry-free service and dependability that exceeds that of our competition and helps lower your energy bills. Many builders in the north Georgia area, both commercial and residential, choose CAS as their chosen HVAC contractor. We are licensed to install and maintain ALL makes of heating and cooling and HVAC equipment including TraneCarrierDaikin and York; each of these exclusive brands is recognized as top quality in the HVAC industry.

Our superior quality on all HVAC system installation and HVAC repair efforts allows us to specialize in high-end residential homes, home zone damper systems, Aeroseal duct sealing, and air quality control products. From installationrepairmaintenance or system upgrades, we can meet your HVAC system needs.


At CAS, we focus on the whole home, not just the HVAC systems within the home. When considering efforts for a replacement or repair, duct size, attic installation, window performance and other potential issues can be present. We have a team of BPI certified technicians who consider the home as a system, reviewing energy consumption and looking at alternatives for improvement. We’ll test the air quality in your home along with energy usage and may recommend the use of solar panels, aeroseal duct sealing, additional insulation, or even more to make sure that your home is running as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Conditioned Air Systems provides not only new installation, but also ongoing maintenance and 24/7 emergency services. Annual maintenance, changing your air filter regularly, utilizing a programmable thermostat and even cleaning your ductwork can help you make your current system more efficient. However, if increasing your system’s efficiency is important, a new system maybe the right option.

Honestly, lowering your energy bills is one of the greatest benefits of a new HVAC system. Modern systems tend to be both more efficient and reliable than older alternatives. While we do provide ongoing HVAC maintenance for your existing system, sometimes if you live in an older home or have an older system, installing a new system provides efficiencies that save you money and help you with energy costs. Systems that are older than 15 – 20 years old typically need to be replaced rather than bandaged.


One of the most prominent questions asked is “how much does a new system or maintenance cost?” It all depends on the size and type of your HVAC system as well as any upgrades that you have made. Some of the questions that have to be asked:

  • What size system is required for your home?
  • Do you need additional upgrades like a humidifier or allergen-reducing equipment?
  • If this is an existing home, will we need to replace your existing duct work?

Each of these questions reflect in the cost any system.


High-quality maintenance in the heating and cooling industry is hard to find. Many companies aren’t reliable or state that they’ll provide the service you need – while providing lack luster timing and low quality. Conditioned Air Systems is known throughout north Georgia as THE choice for a heating cooling service company. We provide service for all types of systems even if they are systems we don’t carry as an organization.


Installation is one of Conditioned Air Systems’ specialties. Many home builders and contractors throughout north Georgia rely on Conditioned Air Systems for all of their new construction projects. Why? Because since 1983, Conditioned Air Systems has been the reliable choice for a quality heating cooling service company serving north Georgia – from Alpharetta to Cornelia, Athens to Dahlonega.


Whether your home needs a partial HVAC upgrade or a complete HVAC replacement, CAS conducts a thorough evaluation of your current system to determine whether your existing system needs to be replaced and what will yield maximum results. After design, fabrication and air conditioning installation of your new or upgraded system, we guarantee all parts and labor and even offer around-the-clock emergency service.


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“Conditioned Air Systems has done the maintenance work on my home for the past 10 years. They have always done an excellent job and completed the work in a timely manner. They have even come out late at night to fix a frozen line. They’re very timely, courteous and professional.”


“I have been a Conditioned Air customer since they first opened their doors. They have installed a heating and cooling system for me in two different houses and have done service work in both locations. I have always been very pleased with their work. The work is done in a very timely manner, and is always completed to my satisfaction.”


“This morning I turned on the air conditioning when it was 80 degrees and very muggy. In 23 minutes we were comfortable in this 3,200 square-foot upper level. Conditioned Air Systems designed our system very, very well.”


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