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HVAC Repair Service – Always needed in GA

Stuck with a faulty air conditioner during the sweltering heat of summer? It is a rotten feeling, made all the more frustrating as you scramble to find the right HVAC repair service to fix the issue.

There are no magic wands when it comes to air conditioner repair, only knowledge — and the tools to do the job right.

If your AC unit has broken down, you have options: call a professional HVAC repair service immediately — or try to fix it yourself.

There are some quick troubleshooting methods you can undertake to try and sort the problem on your own. We certainly understand if you would rather just go ahead and trust a professional. But if you’re determined to give it a go on your own please heed some of these tips.

    • First: Check your thermostat – It could be that simple. Someone may have accidentally switched your cooling off or raised the temperature. If that is the case, drop the temperature to five degrees below what the current house temperature reads and give it a few minutes to see if cold air begins to flow.

    • Second: Check the power – Another a simple fix, the circuit breakers/fuses that control your compressor may have tripped/blown. Or the same could go for your thermostat. Or your thermostat may have batteries that need changing.

    • Third: Check the filter – This is another fairly simple step. If you do not know where the filter is located, you will need your air conditioner’s operating manual (or look it up online). But a clogged or dirty filter can most definitely affect air flow. It can even freeze up your system’s coils. Replace filters at least every 6 months, though once a quarter is preferable (even more if you have household pets).

    • Fourth: Listen to your compressor – Turn your AC on and go outside and determine if there are any odd noises emitting from the unit. A malfunctioning compressor will likely make some unusual sounds that will catch your ear immediately.

    • The next steps require more in-depth analysis, as it could require you to fix the air conditioner’s capacitor, circuit switch or AC motor fan. You will need a more thorough knowledge of your HVAC unit in order to complete these steps, but it is something you can accomplish without taking your entire unit apart and can be completed using simple tools. If you want information on how to DIY, visit our previous article on DIY heating and air repair.

If you do not want to go through more detailed and mechanical troubleshooting steps, your next step lies in choosing the right HVAC repair service company. If you do not have a maintenance contract, or a company that you have worked with in the past, take some time to do some quick research on residential HVAC companies in your area. Aside from canvassing neighbors and friends, use a Google search, not YELP! Google makes it very difficult to write fake reviews unlike some other applications.

If you determine that you need to fix a faulty unit, please do so as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more you risk a complete breakdown as the hotter temperatures of summer stress your air conditioner. Delaying contacting a HVAC repair service now could also lead to longer delays when it does break down, as companies will likely be swamped with calls in the midst of a summer heatwave.

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